Online Mastering, What is It?

Online Mastering is an innovative and completely hands-free way of mastering any piece of music that you own on disc. Online Mastering allows you to download your track, view the track and all tracks (if any) in one place so that you can then master and compare them in real time. Online Mastering also offers many other benefits such as the ability to re-size the track to fit larger spaces in iPods and other media players and the ability to preview any song before saving it. You can also take unlimited number of listens through Online Mastering, which means that you don’t have to worry about running out of space or ending up with the wrong track. You can play, rewind and replay any track as many times as you want until you are happy with the final master copy.

Online Mastering is also a secure online mastering service for Mastering your audio directly from your computer. You can decide which mastering engineer you wish to work with, or whether you don’t have a preference, the first engineer listed for this service will then master your tracks digitally from top of the line sound tracks. The most important benefit to this is that you get to listen to the finished tracks, again eliminating any chance of errors, and again giving you the opportunity to make any changes you see fit to the songs audio. You will also be able to review the tracks for accuracy as well as listen to them on your computer as many times as you like without having to worry about poor sound quality.

Online Mastering is great for making demo CDs of your songs and music and editing live tracks. This is because when you master your track directly from your computer, you get a high quality mastered track that contains all dynamics, bass, treble and mids and highs. You will still have the ability to add any other effects to the track, such as echo, reverb, gating, chorus, delay, compression and much more. The benefit of sending the tracks to a mastering studio is that you will then be able to hear the track as it was originally heard on your computer, eliminating any distortion caused by any microphone related noises in the mastering process.

One of the main key features of Online Mastering is the ability to upload to a mastering studio through the Cloud Storage. Online Mastering allows you to upload your tracks directly to the Cloud if you are so inclined. You will need a web browser and a credit card to upload. Once uploaded your tracks are available for playback within minutes. The benefits of this form of online mastering is that you are in control of the quality of your recordings, with no need to pay huge sums of money for studios and musicians.

In addition to being able to upload directly to the Cloud you are also able to broadcast your track to other users on the Web. This is done through a form of “Streaming”, whereby the file is played back in order to allow other users to listen to it. Online Mastering provides a great opportunity for audio engineers and producers to market themselves and their services to others within the music industry. Anybody can now upload a track to be listened to from the comfort of their home computer.

Online Mastering is also beneficial for radio stations and shows who want to showcase the talents of an engineer. These tracks can then be played back within live radio shows and can act as promotions for upcoming radio shows, and help to build interest in the future of the show. Online audio engineering is now the wave of the future, allowing anyone to build up a professional reputation in the audio industry, whilst also being in complete control of the way their tracks are heard. Online audio recording and mastering are an incredibly simple concept, but one which is becoming increasingly popular.

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